Apple are at it again, this time, taking a patent that may have them include OLED displays or other flexible displays on the sides of their upcoming devices. Would this be a hit or miss? Controversy has already been raised with many picking their sides regarding displays.

The US patent and trademark office recently awarded a patent to Apple that will see them integrate displays on the side of their future innovations. This would be another breakthrough into the smartphone world as competition is highly on the increase among major companies. The patent gives apple the right to open out their display capabilities not only to the iPhones but all its other gadgets including the iPods, tablets and laptops.Next Generation IPhone displays

Having these screens is however not a guarantee. The renowned technological firms are always on the verge of patenting new ideas that are being developed. This acts as a form of security to beat competition before they pick up their idea. Whether this technology will soon be unveiled or not lies on the capabilities of apple to deliver.

How this can be implemented lies heavily on the OLED technology, which allows screens to be modified to specific shapes and sizes. Previous technological breakthroughs have already unleashed curved displays by companies such as LG and Samsung by advancing the OLED displays to super AMOLED displays.

Apple now has the challenge of giving users this much-anticipated development. On the other hand, they have once again created room to keep them guessing on what’s coming next from the geniuses.