Yes! We are all excited about Apple’s new products, the new iPad Air and iPad Mini which was announced recently. However, there is some other news that Apple did not announced on Thursday. It is the news that the company is also cutting prices on previous-generation models. The news will get better, if they cut the prices on the older models of iPad, they also had to lower down the prices on refurbished iPads as well, do they?

It is true enough that as of this afternoon, a refurbished first-gen iPad Air for 16GB is sold for $339. A refurbished iPad Mini 2 for the same 16GB is priced for $249 while a refurbished iPad Mini for 16GB is selling for $209.

However, most of you must be thinking refurbished is not as good as the new product. It is used by other people so it has a lower quality than the new ones. Well, to assure you, Apple is doing it differently. For a refurbished product, whether it is iPad Air or iPad Mini, Apple will polishes them until it achieves the standard of a micron of new product. For example, for iPads product, Apple will give it a new outer shell, a new battery and a full one-year warranty.

In other words, if you only wants a working iPad, be it Air or Mini, and you do not mind the product from a previous generation of release, then head to the clearance section of the online store and you will get a lots of surprises there.