Sometimes we wondered would it be nice if there is an app which will play the right music based on what we are doing. Now, we are able to do so with the updated Google Play Music app. The new version of Google Play Music will be integrated with Songza, a company which Android acquired this summer.

If you are already subscribed to Google Play Music, you will be prompted to play music for a time of the day, mood or activity when you open the app. Then you will need to choose an activity so that the app can recommend several music stations to suit your mood, hoping that you will do whatever activity that you are doing even better. Each station is handcrafted, song by song, by a team of music experts (DJs, musicians) to give you the exact right song at the moment.

You also can download the music stations and listen to them offline. View the next playing music on the playlist, add, remove or re-order them to suit your test. You can even start a new station based on any song in the playlist.

The “Listen Now” page of the app is also redesigned. The recently played music list, new releases list will be displayed as an icon of cards after the apps update. You will also notice the new material design with bigger image, bolder and slick transitions.

The new activity-based station recommendations are currently available in the United States and Canada on Android, iOS and the web where the “Listen Now” page is available in all the 45 countries which Google Play Music is also available and also for Android, iOS and the web.