The Moto X+1 is likely the next device from Motorola and the device has been quite in news for some past time with many rumors floating. Recently leaked images of the device show it with its front and back panel. The front panel shows a loudspeaker just below the display as seen in the Moto and the one above remains unconfirmed whether it is a loudspeaker or just a earpiece. Four sensors also seem to be placed at four corners of the phone. Functionality for the sensors is still not known at the moment.

The back panel shows up a camera with an bigger sized Motorola logo. The ring surrounding the camera has a built-in flash and the logo is considered as a power button. Looking to the image, it is clear that the device has a wood finished back surrounded with aluminum frame. According to the Source s, the handset would be available in different material options for its back like leather, denim, wood , plastic and even a carbon fibre option that is said to be coming exclusive to Verizon. Motorola event is slated for tomorrow when we expect to get the details more clear as things get official.