People buy things depending on their needs, wants or what is the trend on that period of time. Therefore, some may had bought a smartphone which they do not know how to use it especially the latest feature offered by the mobile manufacturer. As the result the usage is not comparable to the price that they had paid for.  Google has launched a new website which will help consumers to decide which smartphone is the most suitable for them. Unfortunately or fortunately, the website is only applicable for smartphone running on Android.

When you click on the website, firstly, the consumers need to choose the purposes of them buying the smartphone. There are a few options available, for example, taking photos, listening to music, being productive, social media, gaming and other options. You can choose one of the option to go to the next screen. For me, I choose “taking photos”.

The next option that they ask is how often you take photos normally. There are also a few options available start from “over 40 a week”, “about 20 a week”, “about 5 a week” or “not sure”.  For me, I choose “about 20 a week”. The next option is to know whether you prefer a camera phone which can take a fast, high quality photos, awesome selfie camera or you are not sure which one is better. For me I choose “awesome selfie camera”.

The website will ask you to choose other purpose that you want to use with your camera. After you complete these options then the website will show you some smartphone which is applicable for you and you can buy the smartphone depending on the suggestions.

Here is the website.