The annual tabulation of the top US patent recipients for 2014 was released on Monday 12 Jan 2015 by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services. IFI CLAIMS Patent Services is the leading producer of global patent databases, analytic solutions and innovative web services. The awards were given to global companies and organizations that receive the most utility patents from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The annual U.S patent grants are apparently growing in 2014 as it increases to more than 8 percent higher than the other years. IBM takes place at the top of the list, garnering 7534 patents and up 10.6 percents over 2013. IBM has been in the first place for 22 consecutive years.

Samsung takes place as number 2 in the list with 4952 patents and up 5.9 percents than earlier year. The third place is taken by Canon while the forth place is taken by Sony and the fifth place is by Microsoft. Apple surprisingly is taking place at the eleventh place.

One of the patents for Samsung is a phone with an aspect of 21:9 whereas Apple received a patent for internal changes to the iPhone that would allow it to land on a less vulnerable part of the device when it hits the floor.

Google showing a big jump and takes place as number 8 in the list. USPTO has awarded more than 300,000 patents last year proving that innovation is not dead yet.