New Tizen Devices Will Join Samsung Family This Year

After releasing the first ever Tizen smartphone Z1, Samsung started to work on the bigger plans and now the company has explained much about their newcomers and the list is huge.

Samsung said that in the year of 2015, the company would release a flood of the Tizen devices. Apparently much will not be Tizen smartphones and more will be Tizen-based wearables (Tizen-based circular smartwatch), smart appliances, TVs, cameras and other devices.
Samsung stated that one of the advantages of the Tizen is that it is a lighter operating system as compared to others; also it takes less storage memory and processes with less power hence it makes the device to work faster and consumes less energy.

In Samsung’s Internet of Things (IoT), Tizen will play a major role; it has been planned by the company to make nearly all its devices IoT-ready in the five years of future out of which most of these devices will be using Tizen as an operating system.

It is not a surprise but Samsung has also stated that with its focus on the new operating system Tizen, the company will not let go of other operating systems like Windows and Android.

It looks like beliefs of Huawei were wrong and Tizen is not near to failure. It is still evident that it would be a struggle for Tizen in the field of smartphones but only that can be told by upcoming future.