More and more shops are using digital to promote their items instead of using the cardboard displays or coupon dispensers like in the olden days. One of the examples is the usage of iBeacons app. The tiny GPS devices will activate smart phones in the nearby location to display weekly ads and coupons. The app will help to remove the difficulty of engaging customer and facilitate customer’s interaction. Unfortunately it will only works in United States.

Another example is the digitized shelf-level marketing with tools like Americhip’s Video Product Replicas, which will display screen small enough to fit inside a product mock up and play a 30-seconds promotional video. This will grab attention of older people who might not have digital devices.

A few other examples as per below:

Chip-Activated Video


How it works is that there is a RFID chip that is stitched on the clothing. Therefore, when a customer picks up the clothing, it will play a fashion video nearby. Some of the high-end retailers are using it such as Burberry and Kate Spade. Both claims that it has boost their sales.

Quicker Checkout


How it works is that a handheld scanner (U-Scan) is lent to a customer. It will keep track on the items which is dropped into the cart. This will eventually cut down the waiting time at the cashier. Another system (Kroger’s QueVision) will use predictive analysis and assign shoppers to the shortest queue.

Micro-Location Awareness


How it works is that if the smart phone user has a iBeacon apps installed on it, it will be able to know what are the promotions available around the area. It will also be able to help the users to find an item that they were searching for.