In this digital age, where privacy has become an issue, has prompted many products to be designed to keep private data safely in your phone. One of them is the Blackphone. For those of you who do not familiar with the device, Blackphone is a smartphone running on PrivatOS. It is another version of Android which packed with full of security setting to allow you to have a peace of mind that your data is safely stored. But, of course it comes with slightly more expensive price tag. The people behind the product have recently revealed to CNBC that they are working on a tablet.

CNBC talked to the CTO of Silent Circle, Jon Callas, one of the companies who are working behind the Blackphone stated that the phone was launched in January, offering users secure calls, texts and video chats. It is installed with a “Wi-Fi manager” which prevents your phone from being tracked as well as an ad-blocker which will prevent targeted pop-up ads from reaching the browser.

Despite the higher price, Blackphone and its tablet do not offer Google Play Store, considering that Google services is one of the largest data collectors in the industry. This step might hurt the sales of the product, but, if the customer is able to install the Google Play Store, it would eliminate the objective of purchasing the device in the first place.

Callas did not release the pricing or the launching date of the Blackphone tablet.  In any case, if you are wondering who will be their customer, their customers would be the people who need to have a secure tablet.