As Surface Mini has come to surface with so many new discoveries about it like no built in Kickstand and accessory cover to work as a kickstand. It will possibly be available in Silver ( just like Surface 2). It will be an ARM based gadget and possibly delivery of the same will be in June. This 7.5-inch device will have a 1440 x 1080 display and a 4:3 aspect ratio similar to iPad (unlike 16:9 ratio available in  Surface & Surface Pro). Adding more to it, it will be powered with Active Pen support (as Surface Pro has in it).

If we go with previous reports, the Surface Mini will be having platform of the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, unlike the Surface 2 which goes with the NVIDIA Tegra processor. It is expected that other specifications will equal with the Surface 2 and the Surface Mini, which will come in 32GB/64GB variants and with 2GB RAM. It does not seem like the first version of the Surface Mini,which will have LTE support at launch, and it will possibly arrive in the nearest future.

Still information on pricing is hidden under the shadow, but if we look for a pattern from past records at Microsoft’s Surface strategy, they have been competing with Apple’s pricing. The iPad Mini w/ Retina Display ranges around $399. We can assume if Redmond software giant will demean the iPad by $50, and the starting value of the Surface Mini will be $350.