Amidst the numerous rumors and leaks in the run up to the Sony Xperia Z4 release date, we have yet another report that takes it a step nearer. Sony’s upcoming flagship has reportedly cleared the big hurdle needed for it to launch commercially. Yes, we are talking about its alleged FCC clearance here.

Looks like the US FCC might have just approved the Sony Xperia Z4. A new Sony smartphone bearing the model number PM-0780 has recently passed the rigorous FCC testing procedures and it appears to be the upcoming Xperia Z4.

Sony-model-PM-0780-FCC-Xperia Z4 - 1

Details about the handset in the FCC documents indicate that it has a non-removable battery and provides broad-range LTE support. The Sony model PM-0780 also has a microSD card slot which is in line with rumors that suggest Sony is going to keep the microSD slot in its flagship. Several other smartphone manufacturers are said to be dropping this feature from their flagship devices.

Sony-model-PM-0780-FCC-Xperia Z4 - 1

Six variants of the device have been listed in the FCC documents and all of them have similar hardware. There are only some minor changes in configuration of their cellular radios, probably to be compatible with different networks of various carriers and/or different networks in different markets.

The smartphone’s dimensions listed in the FCC report are73 x 146 mm or 2.87 x 5.75 inches which are pretty much identical to those of the Xperia Z3. Moreover, the width and height match with the rumored dimensions of the Xperia Z4.

Additionally, the device that passed through the FCC has been listed as running Android OS build number 26.1.A.0.79. Although the FCC data does not confirm that the model number PM-0780 is indeed the Xperia Z4, the details revealed about the handset make it a strong possibility.