Toshiba, the Japanese electronics has announced a new generation memory card called SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cars. Moreover, the memory cards will have a built-in NFC transmitter that will make sense too. However, the previous microSD cards also had the NFC but that did not make any sense at all

With the help of new generation memory cards, you can see more than 16 thumbnails stored photographs data containing different things like the capacity of Android app, what they contain and how much space they need to install.

In addition, this is very easily to know which data memory card is stored in its memory. For that reason, no more using PC to connect the memory card to check what you have inside the card. Instead, you can just put the memory card against your smartphone and you will get all information.

The new Toshiba SDHC memory cards will be available in 3 different variants including 8GB, 16GB and 32GB. However, the memory cards will be available in February in the market. The Memory Card Preview app is available now to download for any smartphone.