Recently, photos of Samsung Gear VR were leaked which showed only the back of the device that depicted very little about the upcoming virtual reality goggles of the company. The alleged front side photos of the device have been released. Reports say that these pictures portray true device and it will how Samsung Gear VR is going to end up in the market.

If the reports are true then Gear VR will be something very rare in the market. The goggle’s front side contains mirror only with some paint-free units and some units in Samsung blue color. It is expected that the device will come mostly in blue.

The apps screenshots and product card have shown and confirmed that model number of the device is SM-R230 and the name of the device remains ‘Gear VR’. The presented modes of the device from the pictures are “see-through” and “VR world”. This information reveals that Gear VR will not be a device to leave at home but it can be worn outside like Google Glass.

Samsung Gear VR

The VR app screenshots reveal two types of glasses which are different from each other. One is like sports glasses while other is like a scuba mask.

Samsung Gear VR

The Gear VR also works on voice commands. Simply spelling out the name of the app will take to it. On the right side of the device, back button and touch pad are present to support the voice control. They help in browsing.

Samsung Gear VR

At Berlin, Gear VR is expected to be a great reveal from Samsung at this year’s IFA Conference.