New Pebble Time Smartwatch Presented on Kickstarter
The latest Pebble Time smartwatch has been launched publicly, and it consists of latest kind of Timeline user interface with a colorful screen along with similar battery life of 7-days.

The new remarkable timeline UI has got everyone talking about the Pebble Time, having overwhelming animations and visibly faster working with improved responding made it even better than Pebble’s original interface.

Fortunately the same awesome interface will be included in the upcoming Pebble Steel smart-watches and is integrated in the present Pebble. Another unique feature included in the Pebble Time is the microphone.

This enables a user to leave short voice mails, which is an efficient quality, but it should be kept in mind that the company is not marketing the smartwatch as a replacement of mobile phones.

The weight and size of the Pebble Time has also been reduced.

On comparing it with original Pebble the thickness of the Pebble Time is 20% less and its body measures 0.37″ (9.5mm).

However the appearance of Pebble Time is quite toy-ish plastic, but metal is used to make the bezel.

From beginning one thing is understood clearly that visual of this smart-watch resembles famous standard wristwatches.

A little bit of curve is added in its structure so it sets correctly on natural shape of the wrist and fit more comfortably.  It has a scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass screen.

It is somewhat water resistance and it can be wore while surfing and swimming but taking it for a dive or staying underwater for a long time would not be a good idea.