Korean tech giant Samsung has filed a new patent for the Galaxy Note S Pen feature which comes with Note series of handsets. Samsung has filed this patent in its hometown of Korea which shows that the company is working upon a method that could recognize the pen input via ultrasonic sensors rather than a digitizer. The patent reports that there will be three sensors which will record two dimensional data while additional 4 sensors would be pitched to record three dimensional data.

Note 4 patent 2

This is surely not for the first time that we are hearing of such kind of technology. Earlier back at the CES event this year, chip making giant Qualcomm had show this feature and has been seen in its MDP tablet designed by the company itself. With the use of this ultrasonic sensors, the need for digitizers will be nil which could help in getting the device slimmer by nearly a millimeter. Moreover, bringing this new technology in action would also help OEM to reduce manufacturing cost of the device. Here is video released earlier by Qualcomm that shows ultrasonic touch technology. Let’s hope that we get to see the first glimpse of this tech in the much rumored upcoming Galaxy Note 4.