New Oppo Teaser Shows Updated ColorOS Beta for Find 7 and Find 7a

The rate at which the software and technology are advancing is quite fast.  The top mobiles Find 7a and Find 7 made by Oppo are getting a bit old in competition with other latest devices. Oppo introduces ColorOS, new Android’s flavor, to provide a great experience to users.

Oppo knows about the competition and pressure is building up to keep the software up to date. So far it has been difficult with Find 7 devices.

Oppo provides developers and tinkerers all around the world with their needs, and all types of discussions regarding Oppo’s products have been provided on their active forums.

However, Oppo does not provide its ColorOS crowd with over- the-air updates, but releases stable builds which could be installed and loaded manually on mobiles.  Luckily, the steps require to load the Betas are simply like downloading a file. The updating of phone could be initiated by connecting the device to the computer.

Last October, Find 7 and Find 7a were updated to ColorOS 2.0.0i which provided the mobiles to have Android 4.4 KitKat based firmware and also with many changes to provide a different experience to the users.

With the Android 4.4.2 based ColorOS 2.0.4i update teaser, couple of new wallpapers and presorting of apps would be provided to Find 7a and Find 7. Along with these, task manager also would gain some enhancement.

Free-halt 2.0 is a new feature integrated in the OS to provide easy one handed operation.

Unique advancements have been made to the overall camera interface including new modes and menu widgets. The update should soon be available.