People are expecting great things from Android devices these days. Now that apple is no longer the trend setter, its the Android operating system and Android flagship devices that are getting all the attention. One such small detail is that the next Nexus flagship device is water resistant. Yes, it can resist water, but it can’t swim… yet

Well, we’ll need an app for that in the future but as for now, we’ll just have to settle for water resistant. In case you were wondering how much water can I pour on my future Nexus 6, being water resistant and being water proof are different things entirely. Being water proof means that the said device can be submerged into water for a while and it won’t get wet on the inside at all. Water resistant means that the device can be splashed with water and such (like when someone spills a glass of something) and it won’t get bricked.

This means that just like the MotoX pictured below, the Nexus 6 phone by motorola will have some limitations with this feature. When you go to Google’s official Nexus website, you’ll see that under water resistant it just says yes. There’s no specific data.

The New Nexus 6 Has Android L But Can It Swim - 2 - Doi Toshin

But hey, at least the Nexus 6 will be safer around children and clumsy adults. Something is better than nothing after all.