Although LG has not announced any new Windows Phone, an LG WP device D635 has popped up unannounced in the database of AdDuplex, the cross-promotion network for Windows. Early in the year, Microsoft had announced its Windows Phone hardware partners and LG was one of them. Now it looks like LG is working on a new WP device.

According to AdDuplex founder Alan Mendelevich, a new Windows Phone based handset D635 made by LG has showed up in the database of the company. The device sports a 5-inch display with 720p resolution and runs Windows 8.1 OS. Alan Mendelevich’s tweet regarding the same can be seen below:

Actually, LG’s Windows Phone 8.1 based handset Uni8 had showed up a few months ago. Nothing has been heard about it since then so it might as well be a hoax.  We do not know whether LG Uni8 and the LG D635 have any connection.  Unfortunately, no other information about the LG D635 has been mentioned but it appears to be a mid-range smartphone. The phone could be a prototype and the actual final product may or may see daylight.

We will keep you posted if more details about the device emerge.