Till now, you have already seen many leaked pictures of new LG G3 Smartphone. Another picture was sent by a trusted tipster that shows the next flagship of the Smartphone. This latest leaked picture of LG G3 shows that the body will be available on black and white unites with brushed plastic effects.

However, this is not high quality image of LG G3 that can give more detail to the audiences. However, you have already noticed the design of gold LG G3 image that designed with brushed back-plate in the golden color which leaked few days ago!

However, this is not possible to confirm the picture with upcoming Smartphone at all! But, the source also reported that LG G3 will have 5.5 inches LED screen too! According to the new rumor around about the size of the device, this new Smartphone will be thinner, shorter and narrower than LG Isai FL. LG Isai FL has recently released in the market of Japan from LG Smartphones. However, the source confirmed that the back piece is removal with certain designs. But, this is still uncertain for the users whether the picture is the real design of LG G3 or new picture will be leaked again!


The gold color may be in the top with screen-side up in the black and white color LG G3 Smartphone. However, the finishing of the polish looks great than anyone expects from LG Smartphones. In the bottom line, this same picture with some sightings is available throughout the internet websites.

More news and official dates may be come on 27th May because LG is going to give an interview. However, we will also keep you up to date of any early news and leaked information too!