Apparently, the new iPhone 6 was not yet done in annoying us. I’m pretty sure you have heard about its main issue users were complaining about – its bending problems made more severed by the uncertainty of a replacement. And now here is another iPhone 6 problem for the worldwide web to feast on. Dye from ordinary jeans was reported to be ruining iPhone 6’s plastic strips

If you remember last summer, we were all relieved when a reliable source of unreleased Apple devices disclosed that the white plastic strips would not be present on the iPhone 6 final design. Hence, many were evidently disappointed at the sight of those plastic strips when the unit was first released.

Moving on to the issue, some iPhone users who do not use protective case for their units have noticed a certain discoloration on the plastic strips, which is very unpleasant. It makes the handsets appear dirty and old. And to make matters worse, several soap and other cleaning products they have used in attempt to wash away the undesirable stain did not work.

Well, to make things a little lighter for Apple, this is not the first case in the mobile phone industry. Last year, the HTC one smartphone which also has white plastic strips received complaints as well regarding dye from denim jeans transferring onto the plastic. Well, let us hope Apple can solve this issue better than they did with the bent iPhone 6 problem.