Inbox is Google’s latest app which is announced recently. It promises you that it will change on how your emails are organized but it does not mean that it will replace Gmail any time soon. With Inbox, the email that you received can be organized with the more important email set in a label and the less important email set in another label. It is also full of features that let you customize your email to your habits and personal organizational strategy.

Inbox is an invite only for now. You can email Google at [email protected] to request for an invitation. The current users also can invite other friends from the app or the website but unfortunately the feature is not available yet.

The design of Inbox is cleaner and simpler, the same theme as new Android’s Lollipop. The emails are ordered from the newer email at the top and the older email placed at the bottom. Each message is highlighted, showing attachment such as images, documents or videos to help you give some context so that if there are a lot of emails to be read in a day, you can prioritize which email needed to be read first.

At the bottom of the screen, there is a new simple compose button. When you click on the button, it will show there of most emailed person in the recent period. There is also an option to add new reminder and compose a new message.

Inbox is available on Android or iOS.