In line with Facebook’s effort to have a better video sharing service, apparently the social network is currently testing on floating video player functionality.  Therefore, when you saw an interesting video on your Facebook’s News Feed page, you can watch it while scrolling through your News Feed page.

This is made possible by introducing a new video detach button and when you click on the button, the video will detach itself and move around while you scrolls up or down your Facebook’s News Feed page. The video will not stop playing as long as you stay at the same screen. Apparently this feature is not available for everyone yet. If you are lucky enough, you will see the button alongside with the playback controls. On top of that, it is only available when you are accessing Facebook on the desktop version as this feature is not available on mobile Facebook or apps for smartphones and tablets yet.

The floating video player will have basic and minimal playback interface such as the usual play/pause and close buttons, however, there also will be a Like and Share buttons as well.  In the future, hopefully, the floating video player can be moved outside the browser so that it can be played even though the user is accessing other website.  Another improvement that can be made is for the size of the floating video player to be a little bit bigger or allow users to resize it on their own.

This new functionality is seen as Facebook’s way to sell marketing space for advertisers.