Appleis coming with iOS 9 which rumored to have a lot of features which is going to make your life easier. Apart from the” Continuation” concept and the multi-tasking concept that Apple is trying to push in their next products, Apple is pushing a feature which is able to predict where you are going to put your finger next.

Some of you might be wondering why this feature? It is because by guessing where the user might tap next, the smartphone is able to preload any relevant processes and thus reducing delays in executing the actual action.  The result from this is a faster app. The feature is called “Touch Prediction”. The new feature also can be developed by analyzing and learning from the user behavior.

Apple has launched iOS 9 out to developers recently before it is released as a final version to the mas consumers. The reason for doing this is for the developers to test whether their apps are compatible with the new release as well as for them to feedback to Apple on which area that can be improved on before its final release.

Apple has always excited us on which technology that they are going to embed on their next product. We always look forward to that.