According to what has been heard from the sources, the Samsung Galaxy S6 could be unveiled next month at the MWC 2015 event at Barcelona. There have been quite a bit of rumors showing that the Galaxy S6 would arrive in two variants- one normal one and the other as a edge variant just like the Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Edge unveiled last year in September. The Edge variant of the Galaxy S6 is said to have a curved display at both sides of the handset instead of just one.

A recent design patent filed by Samsung with the USPTO shows some more mysteries associated with the handset. The images show a device with a obvious dual sided curved display. the surprising thing is that the glass doesn’t seem to exist in a dingle frame but instead wraps around the device body placing some icons to the back of the handset. Additionally, the handset shows a pop-up part wherein its centre is said to pop up and extended but to what degree is still uncertain. Now this could possibly associated with a new battery replacement technique as the back panel would be covered with display icons and difficult to remove.

However, there is no certainty about this could be the Galaxy S6 Edge but one thing is sure that we may a have a new device from Samsung coming ahead this year. Check out the images below for details.

Samsung-patents-for-display-1 Samsung-patents-for-display-2 Samsung-patents-for-display-3

source: Patently Mobile

via: PhoneArena