What is this Yik Yak anonymous app and what makes college campuses go all rage it? is there any harm in using this?

23-year old graduates, Tyler Doll and Brooks Buffington, were the mastermind of this all. The app was released late 2013. But what really is this app? If you are familiar with Secret and Whisper, Yik Yak works pretty much the same, allowing user to post anonymously. Only Yik Yak encourages more entertaining and cheery interactions. Another difference with the two older apps is that Yik Yak uses geolocation tools that targets localised communities, like college campuses. Communication is restricted within a 1.5 mile radius; however it can be of great help in finding local events and meetings. As of now, more than 1,000 colleges and universities are using the app.

Now to the issue if its potential harm. The Yik Yak app and its anonymity feature, apparently, can be a tool for cyberbullying. It has already taken a lot of criticisms for being a hotbed for violent, sexual and hate threats. As a matter fact, a mass shooting threat and a circulation of a sex tape have already been reported.


The good thing this matter is that Yik Yak was not acting to be deaf and blind and has done several safety measures namely:

  • Geofencing all high schools in the US
  • Removing negatively rated posts
  • Putting an option to flag or report a post
  • 17+ age rating in the Android and iOS app stores

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Would you try this app?