Gradually, home automation is taking its place in the market. With almost everyone carrying at least one smartphone all the time, this idea appeals to a major crowd although it has only penetrated a small portion of it at present. One of its potentials is being able to improve home security. August, is a company that presents door locks that are Android or iOS smartphone operated. However, generally, such technology depends on Bluetooth connection to function. Thus, you can only turn the switch in a limited proximity.

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Now, the groundbreaking August Connect is here to make things even better as recently introduced at CES. Instead of Bluetooth, it works through Wi-Fi connection. It can work as a bridge between he Internet and the August Smart Lock by simply plugging into a power outlet and connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi connection. This would allow you to control your door locks from wherever in the world as long as your smartphone or tablet is connected to the Internet. Imagine what useful role it can play to be able to open the locks for contractors who needs access to your home without giving them your actual key, like a house cleaner.

It is already available via pre-order today and is ready to ship the following month. It costs $49.99 and $249.99 for the lock that works hand in hand with it. the brand has also announced that an API will possibly be taking third-party sellers, like Nest, making it easier to communicate as long as it has the August badge.