The USPTO has just published a trio of patent applications filed by Apple showcasing adaptive, smart and sensor-based features. All three were dated December 14, 2012 and can almost fit any type of smart device,even an iPhone itself. Moreover,its utility increases after putting inside the framework of a wearable apparatus. iWatch,upcoming wearable from Apple is in trial production, and is expected to launch this coming October.

The first patent is a scorecard keeping system using data retrieved from sensors. It is titled as “Method and Apparatus For Personal Characterization Data Collection Using Sensors”, which is used to sent data to some remote server. This system can be used for monitoring a person’s lifestyle and activities as well as making suggestions and reminders when required.

The second patent Method and Apparatus for Automatically Setting Alarms and Notifications“,talks about device changing its own settings depending on data coming from wearable sensors. For e.g Alarms will be on/off, if the data from the sensors reveals that the user is sleeping. The Do Not Disturb feature can be automatically enabled or disabled depending on the sensors of the wearable device. For e.g it can be used to automatically put User A’s phone in silent or vibrate mode if the wearable determines that User B, who is in the close proximity is sleeping.

Finally, the third patent “Method and Apparatus for Automatically Repeating Alarms and Notifications in Response to Device Motion” deals with missed notifications. Again, the use case of a Do Not Disturb mode and sleep are used as examples. If a user has the “Do Not Disturb” setting on, takes a nap, and misses some notifications, the system can conclude when the user is awake. Once he is up from his nap, the system will replay notifications and disable the “Do Not Disturb” setting. 

Will these patent applications end up being applied in the Apple iWatch? The date of filing of patent is concluding that Apple has already been working on wearable device designs and features.