H.265-codecTwo years ago, we announced you that The H.265 codec was coming to mobile phones which will replace the previous H.264 codec. It employed for video playback on mobile devices. Now, Apple is the leading on Apple iPhone 6 as well as Apple iPhone 6 plus by the use of H.265 for decoding as well as coding of FaceTime over Cellular video. These phones support the older H.264 codec.



The benefits of using the new codec which is normally required half of the bit rate which H.264 requires so as to offer the same type of quality videos. The first release is a draft standard by the motion pictures Expert Group –MPEG in the year 2012. H.265 is yet to become greatly used devices by consumers. There are several speculations that the Apple A8 SoC contains a special encoder / decoder component.



Some professionals believe in using H.265 codec so as to give Apple a leg up against its rivals especially when it comes to mobile chat. The following is what Signals Processing expert Matthew Fleming had to say “To give Apple a serious advantage in mobile video calling domain is a great potential whereby a bandwidth is at a top.”