Amazon is preparing to release its first smartphone running on Android and having 3D effects. The retailing giant wants to offer a unique experience to its users. It is already skinning the interface greatly to make it different from the Google OS. Amazon is also offering a new way for users to interact with the device.

Amazon smartphone

Amazon is providing a unique tilting feature in its new smartphone that will change the way users navigate the menus and apps on the phone. Panels for these will be tucked on the sides. When the user wants to use them, he will just have to tilt the handset to the right or the left side. Then the panel will slide on to the screen and become visible.

For instance, if you want to send a photo to someone, tilting the phone while composing a message will show the camera roll and you can insert the photo you want from it. Similarly, if you want to check the reviews or the IMDB ratings of movies, tilt the phone to slide in the Amazon’s video store. If you are reading a book in Kindle app, just tilt the phone to scroll the page.

It remains to be seen if the developers will create applications with tilt support. If the Amazon smartphone sells well, developers might be induced. Let us also wait and see how the users respond to this new tilt feature once the phone is released.