For users, the prices of wearable devices are higher than the features they provide. The problem is that the screens of such devices are so small that they can only be used for notifications checking which can also be done simply by taking mobile-phone out of pocket. Other than that wearable gadgets require connection with smartphones.

A mixture of smartphone and smartwatch was introduced by two different companies Samsung and Neptune. The Korean Giant introduced Gear S while the less popular Neptune brought in its Pine.

Both gadgets consist of smartphone-oriented OS; the Gear S uses Tizen while Pine runs on Android 4.1. The devices of both companies have bigger screens and have excessive hardware, which match with the level of smartphones.

It has been said that smartwatches can support SIM card and are able to connect to internet alone, also the devices can make calls, whereas Pine supports a front and back camera.  The display of Gear S is 2-inch with 300 mAh battery while the Pine has a battery of 810 mAh with a 2.4-inch display, which make both of the gadgets bigger than usual devices but still both have small batteries.

The Neptune Duo is a combination of smartwatch and remote, it’s a single unit, which requires to be attached with wearable in order to work. It provides easy navigation during interface, cameras and handset functionality.  Neptune Hub has a display of 2.4 inches and its shape is just like a band which keeps the device from looking really big.

It uses a quad-core processor with Android 5.0 Lollipop as an operating system, which is adjusted to be used on the screen of Hub. The device supports Bluetooth, GPS, LTE, NFC and Wi-Fi; it also supports handwriting on display to type messages.