We are still few months short of Android L update and happy to catch any glimpse we can of Google’s new OS. This includes the Android L appears in a video running on a mysterious device that even the person leaking the footage can’t identify.

TK Tech News says it has received images of the mystery Motorola 1080p handset, and that it is not entirely sure which smartphone it is. They have refused the possibility of this being the Moto X+1. It has a display that’s bigger than the Nexus 5’s 5-inch screen, suggesting the possibility of the phablet Motorola has been rumored to work on.

We can’t completely rule out the possibility of a device running Android L being an elaborate fake. After all, it is not among the stiffest things to get the Android L theme, especially if you’re an advanced Android user, and neither is changing the boot animation to that of Motorola one.

However, Google usually lets manufacturers have the first look in order to get development going. So there is possibility of some kind of a Motorola prototype used for debugging and testing Android L.

In any case, the folks behind TK Tech News has promised to deliver more conclusive shots by contacting the source soon. Motorola has only announced a new Moto G version but yet to launch any flagship devices this year and the even more affordable Moto E.

The videos showing this newly exposed Motorola Android handset follow below.