In its latest blog, AdDuplex has released data which shows that there is a multitude of Windows phone 8.1 devices currently in circuit. Many of the handsets have already been announced, but some are as yet unreleased.

Top among them is the Microsoft Nokia Lumia series RM-983, RN-984 and RM-985. All of them are mid-range smartphones with a 5-inch, 720p screen. Another 5-inch Nokia device, the Nokia Lumia 930 sporting a higher 1080p resolution display has already been announced earlier. There is a possibility that these three unannounced Nokia handsets are the previously leaked upcoming Nokia devices codenamed Vela, Athena and Libra. Only time will tell.

Windows Phone 8.1 devices-1

The AdDuplex blog also mentions an unreleased Lenovo QRD8x26 running Windows Phone 8.1. The first Lenovo Windows Phone 8.1 handset has been confirmed for release in 2014. Is it this one? Can’t say as yet.

Other unreleased devices sporting Windows Phone 8.1 OS spotted at AdDuplex are:

  • JSR I7B_1000
  • Micromax BLUE MTP
  • Honeywell BLUE PARIS
  • LONGCHEER ALLVIEW-Impera S – 720p
  • ALLview BLUE MTP
  • InFocus
  • K-Touch Tianyu5703A3 – WVGA, 3.9”
  • K-Touch Tianyu5705A2
  • BLU TBW5705A1 – 720p

–          And a few others.

Of course, we’ll keep a watch on any further news coming out regarding this. Meanwhile, stay tuned…