Moto 360 can be considered as the first generation Android Wear device even though it was marketed rather late compared to Android Wear devices like Samsung Gear Live or LG G Watch. Recently there is a sneak peek of what could be the next follow up for Moto 360 as posted by Lenovo CEO on a social media. Last year, Lenovo bought Motorola for $2.91 billion.

There is a tip from a popular app developer who noticed that there is an unknown Motorola-built Android Wear device pinging his Android developer console. The signal comes from Mundelein, a city near to Motorola’s HQ in Chicago, Illinois. It turns out that the device has the codename “Smelt” and is running Android 5.1. On top of that, it comes with 360 x 360 screen resolution and powered by “armeabi-v7a”.

As the original Moto 360 comes with codename “Minnow”, it is only make sense if the device codename “Smelt” could be the next follow up for Moto 360. As “Smelt” can be defined as “small silvery fish”. The upcoming device could be more premium than Moto 360 according to the image leaks.

However, the official Motorola Android Wear device is Moto 360 as of now. Hopefully, we can see the real product for the image some time later this year. We can only wait and see.