Moto X (Gen 2) was released by Motorola in September this year and is an impressive upgrade over the original Moto X. Its primary camera has been upgraded to 13Mp capable of Ultra HD 4K (3830 x 2160p) video recording.

Motorola is now showcasing the 4K video shooting capabilities of the Moto X’s camera through a new video.  The company gave the Moto X (gen 2) smartphone to a professional drone operator who strapped it to the drone and took it for a ride over San Francisco. The smartphone’s camera captured aerial 4K video where its features such as auto-exposure and auto-focus also did a great job taking some great footage in both light as well as dark areas.

Since the Moto X weighs much less than the DSLR camera that is usually used, the drone’s flight was 5 times longer. Motorola has edited some of the captured footage in 2K (1080p) and posted the video.

In the video shown below, you can see the stunning 4K imagery captured by the Moto X’s camera in the San Francisco Bay area:



You can see some behind the scene shots here:

Moto X’s 4K recording - 1 Moto X’s 4K recording -2 Moto X’s 4K recording -3 Moto X’s 4K recording-4

Source Motorola Blog

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