Motorola has now announced the winner of the Moto 360, which can be seen in the photo above, it was designed by David Pascual, and his design comes with some cool features on the watch face.The design is shown at the Google I/O developer conference held recently.The device coming with Android Wear  is expected to compete with the LG G Watch and the new Samsung Gear Live.

Motorola received over 1300 designs for the contest Moto 360 Design Face-Off, and last month the top 10 designs were shared on Motorola’s Google+ page for getting public opinion. David Pascual’s design is the winner of the contest determined by the most +1’s.

The winning face is definitely quite attractive and manages to expertly blend the requisite elements of a smartwatch. White numerals sit on a black background with blue accents, but also present are wireless, power, and Bluetooth indicators, along with a space for notifications.

Motorola says Pascual’s design has a chance of appearing on the Moto 360, but that will probably depend on whether or not developers can truly restructure it within the confines of Android Wear.If it does come pre-installed, it might appear a bit different. Still, it is pretty nice.