Moto X+1 is possibly the next device to be arriving from the Motorola camp and over the past few times, the device has made several appearances through leaks. A video showing the handset has recently leaked which shows the Moto X+1 to be dressed in a plastic cover.

Although at the moment, there is nothing new about the device but the currently available boot animation shown at the start of the video below makes it look bit different from other Moto devices seen till date. This is the only evidence at the moment to predict the device to be a Moto X+1.

Taking a look at the video, it shows some standard features like notifications and Active Display which looks quite similar to the one in Moto X. The Moto X+1 is considered to be a successor to last year’s Motorola flagship and so it believed to pack a larger display with 1080p screen resolution, 2GB of RAM and three storage options like that seen in the Moto X. The camera for the device and its chipset are believed to remain the same.