The Moto X+1 smartphone is buzzing the rumor arena over the past few months. There is no confirmation regarding specs or name of the Moto X successor by Motorola yet.

The latest leak is coming from Google I/O where an image of an anonymous Motorola smartphone been placed alongside the Moto 360 smartwatch. It wouldn’t be incorrect to assume that the device next to clearly visible Moto 360 smartwatch is the company’s upcoming flagship. It is evident that the device is not the Moto X or any other Motorola device we’ve seen of late which further confirms the credibility of this leak.

TKTechNews obtained the image through a prolific tipster and instantly posted it to its Instagram page. The image is partially syncing with Moto X+1 leaks of late and has already given us several glimpses of the device, although not in its entirety. There is no way we can actually confirm this is a Moto X+1, but it looks thinner and bigger than the Moto X, at least from this angle.

Moto X+1 might be announced in the coming months,in parallel with the Moto 360. What do you think? Could this be a Moto X+1 or is it just a Moto X that is looking different due to the angle this image was taken in?