About a day ago, In the company of the Moto E and Moto G 4G, Motorola also disclosed a Moto G Ferrari Edition. The phone was brought in to light only in Mexico .We have to tell you explicitly that we are not kidding here.The Motorola Moto G Ferrari Edition takes reference of 16GB LTE version of the device. The specifications still will be almost the same, but the architecture of the phone which is its unique design is customized in the honour of Ferrari.

The rear-side of the phone will be comprised of Kevlar, just like several members of the DROID-group for Verizon. The logo of Ferrari will be seen in back and front as weel of the gadget. The camera and earpiece will be highlighting sporty image through a classic paintjob with Red accent.

Motorola will be planning to put on a sale such piece for $387 ,which will begin from June. There has not been any confirmation on availability of cell outside Mexico but we will keep you updated with the same.