We all apprehend that the Samsung Galaxy S5 could be a terribly capable device. However what if the recently launched Moto E was to be nearly on par or maybe quicker than the Samsung flagship in some areas? That’s specifically what a replacement video comparison demonstrates because the Moto E and therefore the Galaxy S5 are faveolate against one another to perform a number of the foremost basic tasks.

This contains unlocking the phone, opening the gallery, camera app etc. Astonishingly, the Moto E outstrips the Galaxy S5 in opening the Gallery additionally because the Camera apps with important delays seen on the Samsung flagship. Sure, it’s not a giant delay; however this goes to point out the ability and capabilities of a stock Android device, even supposing it doesn’t brag of a high finish specs sheet.
Maybe Samsung features a lesson to find out from it and might tone down the suite of TouchWiz options a notch within the future. This is often a bit demoralizing considering that the hardware on board isn’t being used by the exploited by the software.


Beating informed the Galaxy S5 hits home for the Mot E also. A low-end device meant to interchange feature phones will quite a little bit of everyday tasks additional expeditiously than a flagship from the biggest android OEM. Benchmark tests square measure fun, however actual use cases square measure additional indicative of what your expertise are going to be.
Check out the video below, that comes courtesy of Tom Rich. Although the Moto E might not have all the bells and whistles of the Galaxy S5, it will show simply however nice it performs in regular situations. We’re not maxim it’s higher than the Galaxy S5, or that stock android is best than TouchWiz, however actual use in real-world situations suggests it’s no slouch — even though it’s that method on paper.


So what does one think about the video?