Just few days ago, Moto 360 Smartwatch was announced by the Motorola brand while many questions appear. But, the most frequent question of the Smartwatch is about the charging method of it. However, Motorola did not say anything how the Smartwatch will be charged and keep it as secret. But, FCC Filling has reported that the secret will not be ordinary for the Moto 360.

Moto 360 Qi Wireless Charge showing by FCC 2

FCC Filling has reported on Moto 360 that it has ‘implementing the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) protocol’ system in order to charge the device. In this case, the device is also developed and licensed for Qi wireless charging. However, Moto 360 may use solar charging or kinetic charging according to the rumor news. But, Moto 360 Qi wireless charge feature reports that it will use magnetic induction charging instead of solar charring system.

We have just got the full Android Wear SDK from Google I/O keynote where Moto 360, LG G watch and Samsung Smartwatch were revealed for the market. Hopefully, we will soon get the pre-order and first unit of Moto 360 soon.