Motorola has already started the design contest stating Moto 360 smartwatch as the grand prize.The contest asks for anyone really, to submit design ideas that represent their vision for the Moto 360. They even included .psd files to help get you on your way.In this contest announcement, Motorola has accidentally or perhaps intentionally revealed the average retail value or ARV of the smartwatch to be $249.

Motorola quickly added an asterisk to the price tag stating that ARV for unreleased products is furnished for tax purposes only. The contest winner will be declared on June 24,a day before annual developer conference Google I/O. That could be the best time to showcase Motorola’s ambitious all-metal Moto 360 next to the boxy Pebble Steel and Samsung Gear 2. Paired with customizable leather and metal straps that fit variety-seeking 21 century wrists, the Moto 360 is shaping up to be Google’s answer to the inevitable Apple iWatch.


So far, Motorola Mobility has remained tight-lipped about the exact date and price for the smartwatch, only confiming this summer as a release date, and sending sundry memos on how much it will cost. The manufacturer are also silent on details of the Moto 360’s specs, but Motorola will most likely lean towards low-powered hardware to maximize battery life, which it has said was imperative to offering a wearable that consumers would enjoy.

The Doi-Toshin estimates a release date late in summer for the Moto 360. Motorola released the well-received Moto X phone in August of 2013, and will likely follow with the expected Moto X+1 this August, as most manufacturers stick to a regular, annual release cycle for smartphones. LG has said it would release the “first Android Wear” device this summer, meaning the G Watch will likely arrive sometime in June, perhaps to coincide with the Google I/O. Therefore, Motorola will most likely start selling the Moto 360 later in July, giving the smartwatch a month to build steam before the releases of the Moto X+1.