The wearable technology is surging ahead rapidly and after wearable smartwatches and smart clothes, we now have wearable rings. MOTA SmartRing is one of them and it brings “connectivity at your finger tips”. The SmartRing alerts you about incoming calls, text messages, emails, calendar events and social media notifications right on your finger.

MOTA SmartRing is a great device for people who don’t like smartwatches. By wearing the ring, you get all the alerts on your finger so that you don’t have to take out your mobile from your pocket or purse every time. The SmartRing pairs with an iOS or an Android smartphone via Bluetooth. The ring has a built-in display that shows you the text messages but it can also deliver audio and tactile alerts. You get the vibrations on your fingers when there is a call, text message or a social media notification. So whatever you are doing, you continue to get updates.



The MOTA SmartRing allows you to control and customize which type of alerts and notifications you want to receive. There is a VIP feature by which you can create a contact list. You can swipe across the screen to see the different notifications received from Facebook, Twitter, instagram or notification for a meeting. The SnmartRing keeps you connected even when you put away your phone.

There are other upcoming smartrings too and these include Smarty Ring, Ringly and Fin. The MOTA SmartRing will come in two color options- Midnight Back and Pearl White and it is water resistant. The SmartRing is slated to start shipping by this year-end but its pricing is not available yet. However, pre-orders are open and if you pre-order now, you will get the MOTA SmartRing at a “discounted membership price”.



 Check out the promo video: