When “Shark Tank” cast Kevin O’Leary make an investment, he always looked at the deals offered. He never looked at gender nor have any bias of whatsoever. His purpose is just to make money through the path of least resistance with the best people that he could find.

In the event for the startup Honeyfund recently, he said that all the cash in the last two quarters comes from companies run by women.He also added that he did not have a single company run by a man right now that outperformed by the ones that run by women.

This finding discovered accidentally when Kevin asked his staff to check what the common ground is for the companies that he invested in which is making money and it turns out that these companies are run by women as the CEOs. Apparently, the nature of the companies are different from one another and there is no connection whatsoever between the companies, for example, one of the company is doing food business, the other one is doing consumer goods, while another one is doing manufacturing.

Kevin has a total of 27 companies in his portfolio which he said 55 percent of them have female CEOs. He also noted that not all the companies which are led by women are making money but some are, however, there is none of the companies which are led by men are making money currently.

One of the reasons that could be concluded is because women are better in multitasking than men. On top of that the companies which he invested in are mostly in the mid range where the sales fall in $5 to $100 million figure. Therefore multitasking could be very important.