California-based tech company Mophie is well known for its Juice Pack cases for charging cellphones. The company has now launched Juice Packs for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. There are three types of such battery packs and they are available for pre-order at Mophie’s website.

There are two options for iPhone 6 – Juice Pack Air and Juice Pack Plus, but there is only one option available for iPhone 6 Plus. Juice Pack Air doubles the battery life of iPhone 6 while Juice Pack Plus increases its battery life by 120%. In case of iPhone 6 Plus, its juice pack adds only 60% extra to its battery life but since iPhone 6 Plus already has a longer battery life, that shouldn’t be a problem.


The Mophie Juice Packs have bumpers inside the case that add cushioning and protect it in case of impact or hard fall, although we can’t say for sure whether they will prevent the iPhone 6 from bending (#bendgate).

With Mophie’s Juice Pack, you can charge your mobile anywhere by just flipping a switch. The LED indicator in it shows you the Juice Pack battery levels and status of charge. When you keep the phone for charging with the Juice Pack connected to it, your iPhone will be recharged first and then the Juice Pack case.

Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 6 has a capacity of 2,750 mAh and costs $99.95. Juice Pack Plus has a 3,300 mAh cell and costs $119.95. Juice Pack for iPhone 6 Plus has a 2,600 mAh battery and costs $99.95. Although Mophie has not given any release date, it will not be far since pre-orders have already begun.

Mophie-Juice-Pack-3 Mophie-Juice-Pack-4

Via GSMArena