The Minuum team has always attempted to drive the idea that its substitute keyboard is not just designed for current set of mobile handsets but also for whatever new form factors come about.Recently,Minuum has shown off its plans about its keyboard for the Google Glass users.

The video might be appealing, but it is not able to express the planning of the team. Unfortunately, we’re very uncertain about the initial idea for the app. Instead of inputting on a smartphone,the idea is of forcing to input text on the Google Glass. Voice input is still the prime choice.

The below mentioned video by Minuum shows an input way works better than touch typing on Glass: eye-tracking.At the end of the video, Minuum reveals that they are planning about the input that can follow our eyes so that we are able to input words just by looking at each character.That seems like a nice substitute for text input on Glass.

The final part of the video shows off a few other concepts including a secondary motion sensing ring, eye movement tracking and virtual key overlays on other surfaces. These features are much complex with the current version of Google Glass, but at least they’re thinking about new and interesting ways to input text on wearables. Like swiping on the Galaxy Gear and Omate TrueSmart.

The Minuum keyboard app is available from Google Play for $3.99 — there is also a free 30-day trial available.