A new mid-ranger handset from BlackBerry reportedly seems to be on cards. Dubbed as the BlackBerry Rio, this is a full touch screen handset and the claimed specs show it somewhat to be falling a mid-range handset segment. According to BlackBerry the Rio or Z20 aims at “Power Pros who want to be considered by others as being current with technology, yet cost is a major consideration in their purchase decision.” That quite seems to be the enlarge version of the “Affordable flagship” motto from Microsoft.

The BlackBerry Rio or the Z20 comes with a 5” display having 720p resolution and is said to be powered with a 1.5GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 chipset supported with 2GB of RAM memory. To its back is the 8MP primary camera while its front would have a 2MP secondary camera. The device is said to be having a 16GB of internal expandable storage and the battery juice is sufficient with 2800mAh.


The handset is tipped to be arriving in the midrange arena in 2015 next year. However one thing here in its specs that would surprise you as well is that with many 64-bit quad-core chipsets being planted in the affordable mid-range segment for next year, we doubt whether the BlackBerry Rio with a dual-core processor would at all survive the competition. But still nothing is official at the moment and hence rather jumping to conclusions lets wait for few more concrete news to come our way.

source: N4BB