Since last year ,a lot of talks was in the air about smart-watch from Microsoft which has allegedly been in development. A new report signals the fact that the Seattle-based tech-giant may plan to make it compatibkle with diverse platforms

This smart-watch from Big M  will supposedly work with Windows Phones. Android and iOS devices also will be compatible with it and will come with functionalities like measure heart-rate and push the data to the handset of choice.

As it came to the light, Microsoft has even enlisted the assistance of some of their Kinect developers to enhance the smart-watch, so that it can “continuously measure heart rate through the day and night.” The battery-power is estimated to last for almost two days of nonstop usage.

The Kinect connection seems logical when you think about that the creator of Kinect, Alex Kipman, who has been dealing with making windows function on small displays. Julie Larson-Green also suggested that wearables have been in Microsoft’s future expansions as she said: “sensors are going to become a big part of how you think about things.”

For now, no set release-date has been declared for Microsoft’s wearable, but sources consider that it may reach your destination as early as this summer which is purely estimation