We have heard many rumors that Nokia and Microsoft are both working on separate wearable tech. The Microsoft rumors seemed believable because of a report that surfaced a couple of days ago. It stated that Microsoft might be getting ready to release a new smartwatch in the near future. Probably within a few weeks time.

It seems that now we have more tangible evidence because Microsoft recently filed for a new device which has also cleared the FCC. This new device could be the next Microsoft smartwatch.

The filing is labeled as “Mobile Wireless Device” but the device only contains Bluetooth LE for connectivity. We know that, devices that only contain bluetooth are usually Bluetooth keyboards and mice. This seems unlikely as Microsoft never goes too deep into accessories.

Another thing is that the device comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. So, it can’t be a mouse or keyboard. It sounds more like a wearable at least. It could be a fitness tracker or maybe the small sized device will be the fitness tracker, and the others will include a smart watch.

Since Microsoft was also rumored to be working on a fitness device, all three of these could be fitness trackers. I’m sure we’ll find out soon.