Microsoft's Cortana Will Be Available For Android and iOS Soon

Cortana, which is basically a Microsoft’s very own voice assistant, is soon to be available for Android and iOS, announces Microsoft. This news is true as Redmond’s Joe Belfiore disclosed it in his recent video promo. Cortana is essentially a “phone companion app” and will be assisting both Google’s Google Now and Apple’s personnel assistant Siri which are the main features of Android and iOS respectively.

It looks like Cortana will be offering mostly the same features to iOS and Android which it is already offering to Windows phone consumers. But it will act as a standalone app partly due to its limitations and also because it is not integrated into the corresponding operating system.

It will work as you expected – you can make whatever queries you want. Other features include location based reminder for iOS and Android system. Cortana will also make interaction with the OneNote, OneDrive and other Microsoft’s own applications.

Comparison of Cortana with Siri and Google Now showed that it is the perfect combination of real usefulness and personality. Not only in Android and iOS, Cortana will also be debuted in Windows 10 PCs this year. This means that Cortana is truly a digital voice assistant of different platforms.

The company has not provided any particular date for the launch of the Cortana on the Play Store and App Store. However, it is assumed that company will present this voice assistance with the launch of Windows 10 for phones, which is expected later this year.