Microsoft is said to be working on a new virtual clipboard app called OneClip and as its name suggests, it will allow the user to copy stuff on to a clipboard and then access it on any other device running on any platform- Windows, Windows Phone, iOS or Andrroid.

OneClip is currently being tested internally by Microsoft in Beta and its versions for Windows and Windows Phone have been leaked out by WalkingCat (@h0x0d) on Twitter.

According to WalkingCat, you can copy any stuff you want on the clipboard like a phone number, an address, a screenshot or any text that you have come across and want to save. Then OneClip will make all the copied stuff available to you on all your devices, whatever platform they may be running on.

The beta version of the app that has been released internally, has bagged a 5-star rating from 12 reviews on Windows Phone Store. It is not known when Microsoft will be releasing the OneClip app for the general public but in view of the high rating, it may be quite soon.

Since people are increasingly using multiple devices these days and often move between devices, OneClip looks like a very useful app to have in your device.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft has been using ‘One’ branding for its cross-platform products – OneDrive, OneNote and now OneClip. Microsoft has also recently released Microsoft Office preview apps for Android.